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A Complete Guide to Visiting Positano, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast

scenic view of Positano, Capri and Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, with its stunning cliffside villages like Positano, Capri, and the broader Amalfi region, offers an enchanting blend of natural beauty, historical richness, and culinary excellence. This guide provides an in-depth look at exploring these iconic destinations, ensuring travelers can make the most of their visits.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the unique charm and bustling activity of Positano’s town center.
  • Relax on the picturesque beaches of Capri and engage in various water activities.
  • Discover the Amalfi Coast’s hidden gems and scenic routes for unforgettable views.
  • Stay in luxurious accommodations that offer stunning vistas and top-notch amenities.
  • Navigate the region with ease by utilizing local transportation tips and renting vehicles for scenic drives.

Exploring the Charm of Positano

Discover the Town Center

Positano, with its winding roads and alleyways, offers an enchanting exploration experience. We recommend meandering through the quaint streets, where every corner reveals a new delight. The town center is not just about the views; it’s a vibrant hub of local foods, handmade gifts, and Italian fashion, perfect for those who cherish authentic experiences.

Enjoy a Day at the Beach

The beaches of Positano are where the Italian ‘la dolce vita’ truly comes to life. Spend a day soaking up the sun on the sandy shores, surrounded by the picturesque cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. Beach clubs and waterfront restaurants add to the allure, making it a perfect day out.

Take a Day Trip from Positano

Positano serves as a splendid base for exploring the wider Amalfi Coast. A day trip could include a visit to the historic ruins of Pompeii or a scenic drive through the Milky Mountains. Each journey promises breathtaking views and a taste of the region’s rich history and stunning landscapes.

The Allure of Capri

Capri, an island of myriad treasures from hidden coves to ancient ruins, beckons us to immerse ourselves fully in its timeless allure. As we explore beyond the designer boutiques and luxury hotels, we discover unique natural wonders and historical sites that enrich our experience.

Must-Visit Attractions

Capri’s landscape is dotted with must-see attractions that captivate every visitor. The Blue Grotto, with its mesmerizing blue waters, is a top choice. A ride on the chairlift to Monte Solaro offers breathtaking panoramic views, and the ancient Villa Jovis tells tales of Capri’s imperial past.

Best Dining Spots

Dining in Capri is an experience in itself. From high-end restaurants to charming local eateries, the island offers a variety of dining options. We recommend trying the seafood at La Canzone del Mare or the traditional Caprese salad at a local trattoria.

Shopping in Capri

Shopping in Capri is a delightful experience. The island’s boutiques offer everything from high fashion to local handicrafts. Don’t miss the chance to pick up a pair of handmade sandals or a bottle of limoncello to remember your trip by.

Discovering the Amalfi Coast

Scenic Routes and Hidden Gems

The Amalfi Coast offers a breathtaking journey through scenic routes and hidden gems that captivate every traveler. From the winding roads of Strada Statale 163, known as the ‘road of 1,000 bends’, to secluded beaches accessible only by boat, we uncover the less trodden paths that showcase the coast’s stunning beauty and tranquility.

Top Historical Sites

Amalfi, the heart of the coast, is not just a scenic wonder but also a hub of rich history. Here, we explore ancient churches, bustling piazzas, and the renowned Amalfi Cathedral, each telling the story of a bygone era that still resonates today. The historical significance of these sites makes them a must-visit for anyone looking to delve deeper into the coast’s past.

Culinary Delights of the Region

The culinary journey along the Amalfi Coast is as diverse as its landscape. We indulge in the local cuisine, where fresh seafood, hand-made pastas, and the famous limoncello are just the beginning. Each meal is a celebration of flavors that are both rustic and refined, reflecting the region’s rich culinary heritage.

Accommodations and Stays

Where to Stay in Positano

Positano offers a range of luxurious accommodations that cater to every taste and budget. From charming boutique hotels to opulent villas, each provides exceptional service, stunning decor, and breathtaking views. Early booking is recommended to secure the best spots.

Top Hotels in Capri

Capri is known for its exclusive hotels that embody the essence of luxury. Here, you can find world-class service paired with unique architectural beauty. The island’s hotels are perfect for those seeking a serene escape with every comfort considered.

Best Lodgings on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast offers a variety of lodgings from cozy bed and breakfasts to high-end resorts. Each place provides an opportunity to enjoy the coastal beauty and Italian hospitality. It’s advisable to consider the location carefully to enhance your stay with easy access to local attractions.

Tip: When choosing your accommodation, consider proximity to local attractions, available amenities, and transport options to make the most of your visit.

Transportation Tips

Navigating the stunning landscapes of Positano, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast requires some planning, especially when it comes to transportation. We’ve gathered some essential tips to help you move smoothly through these picturesque locations.

Getting to Positano, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast

Arriving at these iconic destinations can be an adventure in itself. Most travelers start their journey at Naples International Airport, which offers various options like buses, private transfers, or car rentals. For the best views, consider a scenic drive along the coastal roads.

Navigating the Local Transport

Local transport mainly consists of buses and ferries. The SITA bus connects major towns along the Amalfi Coast, while ferries offer a quicker alternative between Positano, Capri, and nearby areas. PRO TRAVEL TIP: Sit on the right side of the bus for the most breathtaking views when traveling towards Positano.

Renting Vehicles for Scenic Drives

Renting a car or scooter gives you the flexibility to explore at your own pace. However, be prepared for narrow, winding roads that can be challenging for inexperienced drivers. Parking can also be scarce, so plan accordingly. For a hassle-free experience, consider booking a private tour that includes transportation.

Activities and Experiences

Boat Tours and Water Activities

We offer a variety of boat tours and water activities that allow you to explore the stunning coastlines and crystal-clear waters of Positano, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast. From private yacht charters to group snorkeling excursions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Cultural and Historical Tours

Discover the rich history and vibrant culture of the region through our guided tours. Visit ancient ruins, explore local museums, and immerse yourself in the traditions that make this area unique. Our tours are designed to give you a deeper understanding of the places you visit.

Leisure and Relaxation Options

For those looking to unwind, we provide ample leisure and relaxation options. Enjoy a day at a luxury spa, partake in a yoga retreat overlooking the sea, or simply relax at one of the many picturesque beaches. It’s the perfect way to recharge during your vacation.

Dining and Cuisine

Top Restaurants in Positano

We’ve curated a list of the top dining spots where you can savor the flavors of Positano. Ristorante Max and Chez Black stand out for their exquisite dishes and breathtaking views. Other notable mentions include La Sponda and Da Vincenzo, which offer a blend of traditional and innovative Italian cuisine.

Must-Try Foods in Capri

When in Capri, indulging in the local cuisine is a must. The island is famous for its ravioli capresi, a delicate dish that captures the essence of Capri’s culinary art. Don’t miss out on the seafood offerings, especially at places like Il Riccio, where the freshness of the ingredients speaks volumes.

Best Eateries on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast offers a plethora of dining options that cater to every palate. From the high-end Blu Stone Restaurant to the charming Zi’Ntonio Mare, each location promises a unique dining experience. The region is renowned for its seafood, so make sure to try dishes like the calamari at Zi’Ntonio Mare for a true taste of the coast.

Explore the rich flavors and exquisite dining experiences on our ‘Dining and Cuisine’ section. Whether you’re a food lover or a culinary adventurer, our website offers a plethora of options to satisfy your palate. Don’t miss out on the latest culinary trends and exclusive dining spots. Contact us now to to book your trip!


Exploring Positano, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast offers a unique blend of breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. Whether you’re wandering through the charming streets of Positano, enjoying the luxurious allure of Capri, or soaking in the panoramic views along the Amalfi Coast, each moment is a treasure waiting to be discovered. This guide aims to equip you with all the necessary information to ensure a memorable journey. From historical sites and scenic routes to local cuisine and accommodation, you’re set for an unforgettable Italian adventure. Remember to take your time, immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, and let the beauty of these iconic destinations move you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top attractions to visit in Positano, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast?

In Positano, visit the town center and the beaches. In Capri, the must-see attractions include the Blue Grotto and Monte Solaro. The Amalfi Coast is famous for its scenic drives, historical sites like Pompeii and Herculaneum, and the stunning coastal towns of Amalfi and Ravello.

How can I travel between Positano, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast?

Travel between these locations is best done by ferry or private boat tours. There are also road options like buses and car rentals for scenic drives along the coast.

Where should I stay when visiting these areas?

Positano offers charming cliffside hotels, Capri has luxury accommodations, and the Amalfi Coast features a range of options from luxury hotels to quaint bed and breakfasts.

What are the best dining options in these regions?

Positano and the Amalfi Coast are known for their seafood and Italian cuisine, with many restaurants offering panoramic views. Capri offers upscale dining experiences with a focus on local ingredients.

What are some recommended day trips from these areas?

From Positano, consider day trips to Sorrento, Amalfi, or Naples. From Capri, visit the nearby archaeological sites or explore the lesser-known areas of the Amalfi Coast.

What activities can tourists engage in during their visit?

Visitors can enjoy boat tours, wine tastings, cooking classes, and hiking. Cultural tours are also popular, exploring the rich history and stunning landscapes of the region.

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