Ravello and its breath-taking landscapes

A little jewel of art and wonder: daily tour to Ravello

We suggest an excursion to Ravello, Pompeii, Positano and Amalfi. One of the most evocative locations is Ravello. It is not famous like Amalfi, but it doesn’t represent a disadvantage. For the few number of tourists, in Ravello life is peaceful and are organized a lot of events. Duomo of Ravello, dedicated to San Pantaleone and its construction goes back up even in 1086; it’s one of the cathedrals of Italy and we suggest to visit it. The city is on the cliff that dominates Amalfi and it is famous for its incredible landscape and gardens. Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo, the real jewel. A fantastic Villa, under aesthetic and architectural profile, a beauty that bewitch everyone. Villa built by Rufolo’s in XIII century, represents an incredible estate and it is one of the main reasons for which tourists come here. Both gardens, are opened to public Italian and foreigners and there is a fantastic landscape on the coast, walking through tropical plants. This place hosts also the big cathedral, the venerable Duomo, dedicated to San Pantaleone, whose blood is a relic that melts maybe every year. Finally, the terrace on the Infinite of Ravello is maybe the most famous attraction of the site. It’s a wonderful terrace, 400 meters high over the sea that boasts of an incomparable sight, towards the sea and mountain One of the most beautiful landscape of all the coast that represents a good apology to visit also the near Villa Cimbrone. Discover the paths of Amalfi Coast and the wonderful sight of Cilento Coast organizing a shore excursion to Ravello from Naples or a guided excursion to Ravello from Amalfi.