Positano, the incredible vertical city

A day in Positano to remember an excursion

A shore excursion or a private tour in English or an excursion on boat for Capri or Amalfi Coast with step to Positano should give you a fantastic seaside day. Take advantage of our transfers in Amalfi Coast and don’t miss one of the jewels of this Region: Positano. It’s one of the most famous touristic destinations situated near Amalfi. Mountains on the back protect from cold wind that arrive from north, to guarantee moderate winters. The city was a simply village of fisherman, but today is one of the most famous destinations in Italy, famous for “Positano fashion”, a ferment of movement and style of which tourists enjoy from all over the world. Positano is also called the ‘’vertical city’’, built vertically, full of climbs and steep streets. Celebrated from poets and writers and reproduced for many tv series, Positano is also known for ancient periods of its existence: it exists many myths that narrate its origin. The most popular is that Positano is founded by God Poseidon, in honour of the nymph Pasitea. Positano rises in an important position, in one of the most beautiful coasts of Sorrento peninsula, between Capo Sottile and Punta Germano. Then, around the green Monte Comune, Canocchia, S. Angelo a tre pizzi, Santa Maria del Castello, Campo dei galli e Paipo that is surrounded, like protection of the magical places of all the coast.
The city, is unique because it’s vertical, and climbing like an incredible pyramid, on a side of Monti Lattari, extending on fantastic terraces that descend on a romantic cove,awarding almost a fisionomy of nativity scene: Positano is populated of little white houses built one on the other that challenge gravity, hanging between sky and sea, with citrus groves of the characteristic terracing and oasis of oriental palms; then the infinite blue sea that modernizes across new drawings among rocks over the sea that melt with dark and fine beaches. Organize with us a private shore excursion or a walking in Positano and Sorrento and won’t forget never of colours and flavours of these lands.