Naples and its many colours, between beauty and culture

Don’t miss a private tour in Naples

Organizing a private excursion or shore excursion, with a driver that speaks English, in Naples it means to chose to live an unforgettable day! Describe Naples with one adjective it’s impossible, several are the aspects of this city. The historical, cultural, artistic and architectural wealth of the most important city of the south Italy is inestimable. Its historical centre is totally protected by Unesco World Heritage and it is represented by several churches, royal palaces, theatres, castles, gardens, museums, fountains, underground. But in Naples the art is also culinary, thanks to specialities and weather, the city offers famous dishes known all over the world for its simplicity and taste. The real symbol is pizza margherita with tomato, mozzarella and basil in honour of Queen Margherita. In 1869 for her visit in Naples and Italian flag. In the city there are several places rich in history and culture, it’s impossible to make a list. The most interesting itineraries are Cappela Sansevero, in the heart of Naples, Spaccanapoli, Chiostro of Saint Clara, bourbon museum, or catacombs of Saint Gennaro, the archaeological museum, Capodimonte museum, underground of Naples, bourbon tunnel, passing through squares and the extraordinary seafront. There are also some curiosities that not all know, the first is that in 1839 it has been inaugurated the first railway station of Italy, the first line Naples-Portici. The second is poetry. Naples is the city of poets. Here are buried important poets like Giacomo Leopardi, Virgilio, and there is a school of poetry in Italian and vernacular. Not only past, Naples is a vibrant city. It has a most beautiful station of Europe by Daily telegraph and CNN ;Toledo is an important station of urban city projected by the architect Oscar Tusquets, the station is enriched by beautiful Spanish mosaics realized with Pompeii style, marine theme, the gallery of sea. You can choose to walk in Naples or organize a tour in Amalfi Coast from Naples.

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