Ravello, Pompeii, Positano tour

Ravello, Pompeii, Positano tour

Private day tours and excursion to Ravello, Pompeii, Positano

Private tour or Shore excursion, starts in a common place with our guests, train station, hotel or Harbour. Driver will bring you to go to beautiful locations of the Amalfi Coast, and at the end of tour he’ll carry you wherever.

We’ll go to Ravello, the most high point of Amalfi Coast; Pompeii, to visit ruins and archaeological site, the   most famous     in the world and finally to Positano, one of the pearl of Amalfi Coast.


Ravello is a small city of Amalfi Coast on the sea, the most evocative of Campania. Recognized by Unesco World Heritage Site, among its attractions there is Villa Rufolo ( the location where the musician Richard Wagner instilled for the scenography of ‘’Parsifal’’ and mentioned also by Giovanni Boccaccio in ‘’Decameron’’), Villa Cimbrone, famous for its ‘’ Terrazza dell’Infinito’’ that has a breath-taking landscape on all Coast, and the church of Santa Maria Assunta and San Pantaleone. Ravello is a fascinating  touristic centre, attended in the years by several personalities, attracted by its culture, architectural and natural splendors.


Positano is a loved location by tourists of worldwide, situated near the famous Amalfi. Called the ‘’ vertical city’’ for its shape of shell, it’s a  comfortable, colorful and picturesque  place, the real jewel of Mediterranean. You’ll traverse the romantic ‘’ Sentiero degli innamorati’’, that from the Big Beach goes to bays of Fornillo, or walk into steep streets typical of the city. Among the attractions there are ruins of towers of strength, for observing ships and prevent enemies invasion but also magnificent villas of 18th century, today restored and transformed in luxury hotels.


Then we’ll visit Pompeii ruins, one of the most well-known and visited archaeological sites of the world. Nowdays, the famous roman town destroyed and buried due to eruption of Vesuvius of    79 A.D., has preserved its fascination and signs of disaster of a natural event of historical importance. Pompeii, with its towns of Herculaneum Oplontis and Stabie, offers to visitors an evocative and unique experience. Only here you’ll have the possibility to walk among streets, houses, shops, spas and temples of two thousand years ago.

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