Shore excursion Amalfi Coast private tour

Shore Excursion Amalfi Coast. Amalfi, Ravello, Positano.

Private tour Amalfi Coast

Guerriero Tours will bring you wherever you desire, Naples Harbour, train station, hotel, holiday house, to drive you for your private tour or shore excursion in Amalfi Coast.
At the end of the excursion,  you’ll be carried out in a place like harbour, train station or hotel.

Departures from:

  • Napoli
  • Salerno
  • Sorrento

All Amalfi Coast is a touristic and unexpected destination, it has about a thousand of tourists of all over the world. The whole area is protected by Unesco World Heritage Site. Our tour offers private excursions of Amalfi Coast with a guided tour that speak English. The meeting place will be Salerno, Sorrento or Naples and from there we’ll carry to the beautiful Amalfi Coast.


With one of our luxury cars, we move then the scenic route of Sorrento through the magnificent Amalfi Coast.


Our first location is the evocative small city of Positano with its buildings of pastel colours that descend down the hill over the sea, giving life to a vertical shape and characteristic too. You can walk from the city centre until the beach, passing through the steep streets and supported by hotels, restaurants and boutiques.

Conca dei Marini, Grotta dello Smeraldo

From Positano we’ll continue to Conca dei Marini, where you can visit Grotta dello Smeraldo. The Groto was called ‘’ Emerald’’ for the incredible colours that filter from the underground opening and complete the cave with a brilliant blue and emerald light. The entry is possible thanks to an elevator that brings to a level of cave where visitors can use boats for cross it (prices for boat are not included).


After this wonderful experience we’ll go to Amalfi, the most big and popular location of the coast. The Republic of Amalfi has been one of the major marine power. Here you can visit the famous Duomo of the IX century, in the central square of the city and the Cloister of Paradise. In the centre of Amalfi we’ll take a break for the lunch (not included in the tour, but driver will suggest you the best places where eat depending on taste and budget).


After lunch, we’ll go through the last but important location, the city of Ravello.
Ravello is situated on cliffs above Amalfi and is famous for its views and gardens. Here you can visit two famous gardens Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. Both scenic gardens are opened to public and you can walk trough tropical plants and enjoy of a wonderful view on the coast. It is worth to visit important places of cult like the majestic Cathedral and Duomo dedicated to San Pantaleone., whose blood is saved in a relic and probably every year melts down

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