Private tour  “Origins’’. Find your origins with our excursions

The aim of our tour “Origins’’ is to help our guests discover their roots in the Campania region of Italy. Many children or grandchildren of Italian immigrants born in a foreign country want to visit attractions of their home land and at the same time experience their origins. Everyone knows the past is very important to rendering the future much more clear. Migrations during the history of our country affected the second half of the 1800’s and the first decades of the twentieth century with a recovery at the end of the Second World War. Many workers of Campania went to foreign countries for work, leaving their homeland. This kind of tour helps you to find your roots.

Contact us and with our help and your information it will be possible to make discoveries.

How does the tour unfold?

The driver will take you to places where he/she will function as an interpreter between you and the staff during chronological research in courts, cemeteries (catalogues of deaths with names provided by you), churches (marriage certificates found in historical archives). Through these archives you can begin to discover the origins of your family.

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